Egypt Vacation Bible School

Faith Church held a Vacation Bible School for our children from July 18 to 22. This year they learned about Joseph in the Old Testament’s journey from prison to palace. In the process they discovered that God gives us hope, God gives us special abilities, God gives us wisdom, God gives us forgiveness and God gives us a family. They ate tasty snacks, played fun games at the Pyramid Playground, celebrated God’s love each night with beautiful songs, and learned about the culture of ancient Egypt through different crafts they made throughout the week. Thank you to all our members and young helpers who made this a memorable week in the lives of the children and the life of Faith Church!

Class of 2016

On Sunday, July 10, Faith Church congratulated Ian and Reinier on their graduation from high school. Appreciation was also expressed for their involvement and participation in the life of Faith Church for many years. They received a small gift and were wished all the best and God’s blessing as they embark on the next phase of their lives in college.

Music Appreciation Day

Sunday, June 5, gave Faith Church the opportunity to give thanks and appreciation for all those involved in the music ministry. Phyllis, our choir director, read the names of those who used their musical gifts during the past year and invited them to stand before the congregation. Pastor Albert thanked Phyllis for her dedication to the music ministry at Faith Church. The musicians and congregation then did a responsive reading of Psalm 150, giving God the glory and praise. A special cake marked the occasion during the time of fellowship.
The following people received recognition and appreciation for having used their gifts in our music ministry during the last year:


Yard Sale

On Saturday, June 4, Faith Church held its annual Yard Sale. God blessed us with sunshine and good weather and we had a steady flow of people looking for the right bargain. In addition to it being a fundraiser for our church, it was also an opportunity to hand out balloons and flyers promoting our Vacation Bible School. We wish to thank Dawn and Robb who spearheaded the effort. They did a fantastic job. We also wish to thank everyone who helped and contributed to make it a great success. We raised more than a $1,000 through this year’s effort. 

Celebrating their First Communion

Four of our children celebrated communion for the first time on Sunday, May 1 during the worship celebration. Congratulations to Caleb, Hannah, Liam and Landon, as well as their parents and families. May God bless them as they continue on their faith journey and grow in their love for him. Faith Church is blessed to have celebrated this milestone with them.

Welcoming New Members

Faith Church experienced the joy of welcoming new members to her fellowship on Sunday, April 24. Congratulations to Cyndi McKay and Ryan and Melissa Ordway who have joined the church. Our prayer is that God will bless them and their families as they continue their faith journeys. We look forward to sharing life with them!

First Communion Workshop

Four of our children participated in a First Communion Workshop in preparation of celebrating their First Communion. The workshop was led by Pastor Albert and Elder Kelly. Various activities and crafts helped the children in gaining a better understanding of the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. It was explained to them that just like water washed the red paint from their hands, the blood of Jesus washes our sins away. They each made a memory shell to remind them of their own baptism and that they are God’s children and belong to his family. They also decorated a cross to help them remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for them. They further listened to the stories of Jesus’ baptism and his institution of the Lord’s Supper as described in Scripture and how the bread an juice represent Jesus’ body and blood. In addition to the workshop, the parents and children have been doing some lessons at home. God willing, the children will be celebrating their First Communion on May 1.

Freebird Spiritual Growth Campaign

According to Rick Schurtz, the author of Freebird, work can be fulfilling, but it can also be terribly frustrating. It provides us with an income, but it can also bring stress, frustrations, and dissatisfaction to our lives. According to the Gallup State of the American Workplace report, seven out of ten Americans are disengaged at work. That’s a problem!
Work matters. We all must do our part and do it well, but must we be miserable while doing it? Must we be enslaved? In the midst of life’s reality – the reality of work – how might we be liberated? How might we be free?
Starting on April 10, Faith Church will be doing a special series of messages based on the book Freebird. If you haven’t bought your book yet, we have more books available. You are encouraged to read the book and be involved in our spiritual growth campaign as we go deeper into the principles found in the book. In addition, Small Groups will be meeting, as we engage one another and grow together in our understanding and faith. 
Join us for this series and study and participate in the liberation!

Holy Week – 2016

Holy Week 2016 Banner
We invite you to join us for some special worship services during this year’s Holy Week. It is the most significant week in the life of those who believe in Jesus Christ and our prayer is that you will find great meaning in the events of this week.

Palm Sunday – March 20 at 10:30 a.m.

Jesus makes his grand entrance into Jerusalem at the beginning of the most important week the world has ever known. It is the beginning of the last week of his life here on earth with us.

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service – March 24 at 7:30 p.m.

The word Tenebrae is Latin for “shadows” or “darkness.” It can also be translated as “night” or “death.” The Tenebrae service is an ancient tradition in Christian history that took place on one of the last three days of Holy Week: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday. The purpose of this service was to remember the somber events that occurred in Jesus’ life from the exuberant entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through the night of Jesus’ burial on Good Friday. This year our Maundy Service will be a Tenebrae Service during which we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper as well.

Good Friday – March 25 at 12:00 noon.

Join us for a delicious Soup Luncheon and time of fellowship before we gather in the Sanctuary for our Good Friday Service. It is important that we meet with Jesus on the day he gave his life for our sins and not just skip forward to the joy of Easter when he rose from the dead.

Easter Prayer Service – March 27 at 9:00 a.m.

We invite you to an early prayer service by the cross on the Route 6 property. This beautiful setting is a special way to start Easter Sunday.

Easter Worship Celebration – March 27 at 10:30 a.m.

It is the biggest celebration of the year for Christ followers as we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead in victory over sin and death. Come share in the joy with us. The worship celebration will be followed by a time of fellowship and an Easter Egg Hunt for the children with some other activities as well. Since it is also our Family, Friends and Neighbors Day, we encourage you to invite people to our Easter Service. Our guests will receive a book as a welcoming gift on Easter Sunday.

New Wood Floor in Fellowship Area

With the help of some volunteers the old carpet has been removed from the Fellowship area at Faith Church. In addition the space has been prepared for the installation of a new wood floor. The work should be finished within the next two weeks. We will provide an update once the project is completed. Thanks to all who came out last Saturday to do the work.
Photo Feb 13, 11 13 17 AM  Photo Feb 13, 10 16 52 AM