Maybe your life right now is brimming with dreams for your future, or perhaps you feel discouraged about how life is currently going. On April 8 we will be starting a four week sermon series and small group study on four principles from Psalm 139 that will help you embrace all that God has for your story.


Wonderlife is a best-selling workbook that has helped over 81,000 people define their purpose and sacred calling. Through simple readings, playful exercises and journaling, Wonderlife will bring clarity to your past, maximize your present and help you build the future you want.
The workbook and weekend series is based on the principles of Psalm 139 and demonstrates how God can take broken things and make them beautiful again. Wonderlife is designed to help you understand who you are and why you’re here. It will help you discover the joy and wonder of being the you that God made you to be. No matter what your life looks like right now, the story that God invites you into can be wonderful.
You are invited to join us on this promising and exciting four week journey!
April 08 – I believe my story matters.
April 15 – I am unashamed about what I love and care about.
April 22- I am honest about my obstacles and opportunities.
April 29 – I am fully present in my life. 

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